What is tracking?

TRACKING is caused by vehicles leaving construction sites, quarries, rubbish tips etc. with mud and site contamination on their wheels, leaving an unsightly trail of dirt on surrounding roads.

Problems Caused by Tracking

  • Traffic hazards
  • Cyclist and pedestrian hazards
  • Dust problems causing possible public health risks
  • Blockage of stormwater systems
  • Nuisance to neighbouring residents and businesses
  • Spreading of site contamination to roads, rivers and waterways

Did you know?

Due to an increase in monitoring by local government and state environmental departments, TRACKING could result in a breach of regulations leading to the issue of fines or possibly even site shutdown.

Our wheelwash systems provide a simple and cost effective solution to eliminate your TRACKING problems.

Does Your Site Have These Issues?

  • IMG_0587
  • IMG_0610
  • DSC00146
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  • IMG_0601
  • Asbestos contamination
  • Dieback
  • Soil contamination (Acid Sulphate soils, Hydrocarbon contamination etc.)
  • Dangerous goods

WA Wheelwash can custom design a system to assist with your requirements in dealing with these issues.